Spiritualist Teachings From David Jenkin

Camborne Christian Spiritualist Church is not affiliated to any larger Spiritualist group but is a registered charity and run by trustees and a committee of its own members.

There is no dogma attached to the Church but it is accepted that on moral behaviour the account of Jesus in the Bible is the core to which members are invited to seek for spiritual teaching.

The general public is invited to attend whenever they feel so inclined and as often or as little as they choose. (We meet every Sunday at 6.30 pmĀ at our church at Roskear, Camborne).

We believe, like Jesus, that we are accountable directly to God and that we can draw God’s love and inspiration both as individuals and in group activities.

The distinguishing factor that makes Spiritualists unique amongst Religious Societies world-wide is that we not only believe in the existence of a World of Spirit in which we continue after bodily death but that there are a number of rays that enable us to keep in touch with departed souls. We also believe that this has the permission and blessing of God who ordained it.

In chapter 12, Corinthians book1, Paul lists the gifts of the Spirit, which include the gifts of healing, prophecy, and the ability to distinguish Spirits (clairvoyance etc,) and the ‘gift of speaking in tongues’ or as we call it, trance mediumship.

Many who attend our meetings hope that, with the help of the Medium taking the Service, they may receive a communication or message from relatives, friends or even acquaintances.

This link will often establish some unique feature to prove identity and in addition often pass on helpful guidance to meet the individual needs and problems of the person so contacted. Prophecies are also given quite frequently.

Thus Spiritualism is not just a Religion of faith but also one that introduces through actual spiritual content a conscious awareness that no longer relies just on blind belief.

It is, if one cares to put it this way, reality Religion.

The cold loneliness that so many experience after bereavement is transformed into an awareness that brings greater understanding to those who previously thought of death as ‘the end’.

It is in fact the entrance to an existence of beauty and life where we shall all return to a state of youth once more, and a realisation that we have the whole of Eternity to look forward to, and not to fear.

The Great God who breathed us into being is in his wisdom able to meet all the needs of each one of us. We develop trust, patience, and a greater understanding of the great Spiritual Laws of the Universe by which we learn and progress.

Above all, we develop an understanding of God’s love as we so rarely see on Earth. One day His great love will redeem all the souls.

We who work with Mediums will help to further this great work until a general acceptance and consciousness of God’s love shall permeate this little planet which we call Earth.


David Jenkin